COVID-19 Information

Diana Lodge is open for the 2020 winter season!

We are taking all necessary steps to meet health regulations to provide a safe and welcoming environment for guests.

22 June 2020

This year has already proven to be challenging for everyone and we are all putting into place plans so that we operate safely and try minimise risks to guests and ourselves.

As government directives are changing frequently, we urge guests to keep check the various website to understand how these may influence guests' experiences before, during and after their stay in Falls Creek.

Everyone is responsible for keeping safe

Primarily, we will be asking guests to continue with social distancing, practice good hygiene and stay at home if unwell.  We are supporting the industry wide decision to urge all visitors to download the COVIDSafe App to aid traceability as a means of protect everyone while they are in Falls Creek.

In order for us to operate safely, the Chief Health Officer has enabled accommodation providers to implement one or more of the following requirements for patrons:

  • requesting that a patron undertake a symptom self-assessment prior to leaving home, which includes an assessment of whether they have a fever and include a temperature check at home;
  • providing information about the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) and asking guests to disclose whether they are unwell or whether they have been asked to quarantine by the Department of Health and Human Services due to being a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19;
  • a patron’s temperature could be taken on arrival to supplement the self-assessment, or if patrons arrive when reception is closed then taking it at the next available opportunity.

Accommodation providers are encouraged to contact booked guests in the 24 hours prior to their booking and request they conduct a symptom self-assessment before leaving home. Accommodation providers can ask people whether the self-assessment has been done as part of the check-in process.

If a patron becomes unwell while staying in the accommodation facility, they can be encouraged to return home and get tested. If returning home is not possible, encourage them to get tested in the local area and undertake all possible efforts to isolate them from others (including avoiding communal facilities) until they receive a negative result. 

It is in your interest to stay home if unwell - cancellations or postponement of stays will be allowed by Diana Alpine Lodge if you advise before you are due to arrive.

Staying at Diana Alpine Lodge

We have had to modify the way we provide our service for this season, to help us manage with the directives in place. We are very conscious that this will change the character of the lodge: a highly social and communal experience will not be achieved to the same level this year, however, we are confident an attentive level of service can be achieved.

The main implications are to date:

  • Limited number of people staying at the lodge, and strict adherence to the 1 person per 4 square metres both in in communal areas and guest bedrooms
  • Cleaning of guest rooms will only take place once guests vacate at the end of their stay
  • Check in time will not be before 3 pm and guests must check out and vacate the lodge by 10 am to allow us to appropriately clean and prepare for new arrivals. Guests may have to leave luggage in vehicles until they can access their allocated guest room. Those arriving via coach will need to discuss options directly with us.
  • Our communal areas are limited to 12 people in the two dining area and 16 people in the lounge. This means guests will have to book their meal times and will only be seated in tables of maximum of 6, and will have to self-monitor if they are in the lounge to ensure correct numbers and distancing.
  • Breakfast is ordered in advance and dinner is share plates style to help minimise time spent with staff.
  • We will not be able to provide an early children's dinner or supervised children while parents dine. Families will have to dine together.

Postponing or cancelling your stay at Diana Alpine Lodge

If it is deemed that the risk is too great to visit Falls Creek - either for yourselves or us - we will be asking guests to postpone or cancel their stay with us. If postponement is not an option, we will refund any money paid to us. Guests should determine the terms and conditions of other operators before making this decision.

Lift operations, tickets and Snowsports School

Falls Creek Ski Lifts have provided current and comprehensive information and FAQs to help guests understand how they are operating. Currently, it is important to pre-purchase tickets (as well as accommodation and resort entry); considerable limitations on number of people on lifts and restricted snowsports school. This will require considerable understanding and patience from all guests.

Falls Creek Resort - parking, entry passes, and other services

Falls Creek Resort website provides valuable information and news for the resort. It is important for guests to keep themselves informed of what is happening this season, so please keep returning to the Falls Creek site for updates.

Government directives

To find out more about current current restrictions in Victoria, and how to stay safe, visit