Resort Entry and Parking Permit at Falls Creek

Car driving along a road with snow

Driving to Falls Creek – roads cleared of snow to provide access to village Image: Matt Hull

If you have made the decision to drive to Falls Creek during winter, you will have to purchase the Resort Entry Permit. In 2022 this will be from $55 (advance purchase) to $62 (purchased at arrival) per day, per vehicle. For those staying 10 days or more, there is a season’s pass.

Not only for the saving, but advance purchases are also much more convenient requiring you to purchase at either the Falls Creek Pay Station located at Howman’s Gap 4 km before Falls Creek, or after 5 pm you can purchase the ticket at the Accommodation Transfer Terminal where you will have unloaded your vehicle.

Purchasing in advance will require you to print out the permit so you can display it inside the front windscreen. Don’t forget to bring it with you! Don’t panic if you do forget, you will still be able to reprint it at Falls Creek.

What is Resort Entry for?

It is mistakenly presumed this is for entry into the National Park. It is actually just for Falls Creek Alpine Resort. Each of the Victorian Alpine Resorts all has its own resort entry permit. This year there is not an All Resorts Pass as there had been in the past.

The contribution of the resort entry fees goes toward funding the Ski Patrol. These safety and emergency response team assess for risks on the snow slopes, as well as respond to emergencies on the slopes and in the village. Ambulance service on snowmobiles, skis, and snowboards!

The fees also fund snow clearing which ensures safe travel to the village above the snowline, clearing of carparks of snow and move snow around other areas to provide access for pedestrians and outdoor stairs.

Falls Creek has over 65 km of Cross Country Trails which requires grooming with specific equipment and are paid for by these fees without additional charges to the users.

Four people cross country skiing

Cross country skiers exploring the Trails Image: Falls Creek Resort Management

There is a team dedicated to providing Visitor Information Services in person, phone, email and social media. This can be providing advice from how to get to where to dine, to parking, providing updates on safety issues and everything else in between.

There are about 4 enclosed public shelters around Falls Creek and an open-air space with BBQ facilities and playground, as well as numerous public bathrooms, all are funded through the resort entry fees.

The most obvious of courses is the actual parking spaces that need to be maintained and cleared; and the free shuttle services that move our guests around the village particularly when it becomes a winter wonderland.

Husky on snow transport vehicle shuttling skiers and their equipment

Husky on snow transport providing free village shuttle Image: Charlie Brown


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